The swimming pool and the surrounding areas are one of, if not the highest risk area a hotel faces. Hotel’s face a multitude of lawsuits for reasons related to the swimming pool, such as; defective design of the pool; failure to properly maintain the pool in a reasonably safe condition; failure to have proper fencing surrounding the pool area; improper signage; and negligent supervision.

Hotel’s face an ethical and statutory duty to make sure they have taken reasonable steps to prevent injury related to their pool. While not all states require a lifeguard to be n duty, most states require proper signage to indicate that a lifeguard is indeed not on duty. Further, hotels in tourist destinations may be obligated to display this sign in multiple languages, as it is presumed, they will have guests from other countries who cannot read English.

Proper and consistent pool maintenance and safety protocols are imperative for hotel’s if they wish to minimize their legal exposure. If a guest is injured in or around the pool area of a hotel, and that hotel failed to take proper steps for assuring their guest’s safety, the injured party could have a significant claim in court for the injuries they sustained.

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