Your establishment’s lease is one of, if not the, most important legal document that your company will enter to. We at Itzkowitz Law are equipped to take you from the due diligence of your purchase up to and through the execution of the lease. In the event that your lease needs to be terminated or assigned, we can assist you in successfully and seamlessly terminating your lease. When a dispute arises that can only be resolved with court intervention or an alternative dispute resolution process, our experienced litigation attorneys can help and assist in successfully resolving these disputes.

Our Commercial Real Estate Services include:

Lease Review and Negotiation

A good lease is a tremendous asset for your company. It protects your legal interests in the short-term and makes it a desirable commodity for a future investor over the long haul. We understand the nuances and customary industry terms of restaurant and bar leases. We will help you negotiate an advantageous lease for your establishment.

Lease Assignments

If you are buying a pre-existing business, you will usually assume the legal obligation in the lease that the current owner has with the landlord. This makes it integral that the lease is properly reviewed before you purchase the prospective business. We will negotiate with either the landlord and/or the seller to make sure the lease is to your advantage and protects your short-term and long-term legal interests.

Lease Surrender and Release Agreements

The hospitality business is unpredictable, and many great minds and concepts have businesses which have failed for one reason or another. If such a scenario occurs, it is important to work with the landlord to remove you and your business from liability from vendors and the landlord. We can help you negotiate the lease surrender and ensure that once you vacate, you are released from any future liabilities.

Licensing Services

Itzkowitz Law routinely assists restaurants, nightclubs, bars, package stores and hotel/resort owners with any and all alcoholic beverage licensing needs. We handle all steps of this process from start to finish so you can focus on running your business. We obtain the necessary clearance authorizations from the various agencies required to sign off on the license application prior to the submittal with the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.

Asset Purchase and Closings

At some point, you may expand your business and purchase a business. In the alternative, you may get blown away by an offer that you can’t refuse and decide to sell your company and pursue other interest. Whether you are a buyer or seller, we can help you structure, negotiate, and execute every element of that purchase or sale.


Your relationship with your landlord is paramount. Equally as paramount is keeping your business in the same space which you built out and negotiated a great lease for. Itzkowitz Law handles all aspects of commercial tenant/landlord litigation, including evictions, unpaid rent and property damage claims.

Due Diligence

As it is integral that the location and business you are purchasing is suitable to your needs, we will verify that you can obtain all proper licensures and there is no existing liens, violations or encumbrances which will impede your buildout or asset purchase. As part of our due diligence review, we also make sure that all permits for construction were properly obtained, so there will be no unwanted surprises on day one in your new business.

Liquor Revocation Defense

Your business could face suspensions, fines or possibly revocation related to noise-ordinances, liquor serving violations, or something as simple as a clerical mistake made by your general manager. We assist our clients in revocation and suspension hearings in front of the liquor authority and attempt to negotiate settlements to reduce fines.

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Business Law

From forming your business entity to the franchising or sale of your business, we help you build a business tailored to fit your goals.

Civil Litigation

Unfortunately, the nature of the hospitality industry exposes you and your business to many lawsuits that could be costly to fix and effect you and your business’ reputation.

Employment Law

Itzkowitz Law recognizes the importance of paying attention to every aspect of the employer-employee relationship in the hospitality industry.

Real Estate Law

Itzkowitz Law is equipped to handle your commercial real estate needs, including the negotiation and drafting of your lease.

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