Hospitality-Law Itz Law Firm Tampa FloridaItzkowitz Law is one of the few legal firms with a dedicated hospitality and leisure practice. We are familiar with the laws and other complex issues for bars, restaurants, hotels, cruise lines and other hospitality related industries

Our Hospitality Law Services include:

Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate services include; lease review and negotiation; lease assignments; lease surrender and releases; landlord/tenant disputes and litigation.


We provide guidance and support in a wide array of employment related matters including: employment agreements; non-compete and non-solicitation agreements and violations; wage and hour litigation; employment discrimination; FMLA and other leave eligibility and rights; disabilities and accommodations; and workers’ compensation claims.

Liquor License

Your business could face suspensions, fines or possibly revocation related to noise-ordinances, liquor serving violations, or something as simple as a clerical mistake made by your general manager. We assist our clients in revocation and suspension hearings in front of the liquor authority and attempt to negotiate settlements to reduce fines. Further, we assist in obtaining the necessary permits and licenses so hospitality businesses can lawfully serve liquor.

Asset purchases and sales

At some point, you may expand your business and purchase a business. In the alternative, you may get blown away by an offer that you can’t refuse and decide to sell your company and pursue other interest. Whether you are a buyer or seller, we can help you structure, negotiate, and execute every element of that purchase or sale.

Travel & Tourism

Today, tourism is the most important factor driving Florida’s economy. About forty million people visit Florida yearly. The money visitors spend in Florida supports many businesses. We understand the unique laws governing the travel & tourism industry including those governing timeshares, AirBnB, airlines, cruise ships and more.

Business formation

Creating an appropriate legal framework for your company at the outset is crucial for its long-term success. We work with our clients to form the legal entity that is most appropriate for their needs and assist them in developing a robust corporate structure to govern their company. We help draft legal documents including partnership agreements, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements and purchase and sale agreements.

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Business Law

From forming your business entity to defending or prosecuting your commercial dispute, Itzkowitz Law serves you…

Civil Litigation

Itzkowitz Law represents parties in trials, hearings, arbitrations and/or mediations before administrative agencies, federal, state and local courts…

Personal Injury

The main purpose of Florida personal injury law is to compensate those who have acquired injuries as a result of another person’s negligence…

Hospitality Law

Itzkowitz Law is one of the few legal firms with a dedicated hospitality and leisure practice…

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