Due to high turnover rates in the hospitality industry, employers are often faced with significant labor and employment challenges. At Itzkowitz Law, we recognize the importance of paying attention to every aspect of the employer-employee relationship within the hospitality industry. Our team helps put preventative safeguards in place to help avoid workplace disputes, control labor costs, and minimize the risks associated with employing individuals within the hospitality industry. However, should it be necessary to litigate your matter, we are prepared to zealously defend you.

Itzkowitz Law provides guidance and support in a wide array of employment related matters including:

On-Site Audit and Policy Implementation 

Itzkowitz Law works with you to develop policies that comply with the applicable federal and state law. We offer our clients with an on-site legal audit to devise a plan to ensure compliance with these laws and to make sure key staff are trained on these policies and procedures. We draft relevant legal documents such as Employee Handbooks, Job Applications, Termination Letters, and Employment Practices Manuals.

Employment and Management Agreements

We review, negotiate and draft all types of employment and management agreements, including: employment agreements, non-compete agreements, independent contractor agreements, severance and releases, consulting agreements, chef agreements and other employment and management related legal documents.

Wage and Hour Litigation 

We help you ensure compliance with employment and pay related regulations such as: minimum wage, tip credit, tip outs/pools, overtime, meals and breaks, reporting time pay, split shifts, uniform standards, service charges, child labor, wage deductions, “on-call” issues, employee classifications and exempt status issues.

In the event you are faced with an audit or complaint from the Department of Labor, we help clients avoid liability and, when appropriate, negotiate settlements.


Itzkowitz Law provides training in areas such as discrimination and sexual harassment; diversity and sensitivity in the workplace; effective hiring, discipline and discharge practices; and wage and hour regulations.

Employment Discrimination 

We develop policies to minimize claims of harassment or discrimination, and investigate complaints made pursuant to such policies. Should the need arise, we will defend you for claims of discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, and other protected classes.

Employee Benefits

We help you navigate your way through the laws and regulations that affect your employee benefit plans, including ERISA, COBRA and HIPAA. We can also assist you with health care reform and the complex rules under the Affordable Care Act.

Leaves of Absence, Disability Accommodation, Workers Compensation 

We help you successfully manage issues such as FMLA and other leave eligibility and rights; disabilities and accommodations; and workers’ compensation claims.


Itzkowitz Law understands and appreciates the need for foreign workers in the hospitality industry. We assist you in obtaining temporary visas, permanent resident status, labor certifications and temporary work permits for foreign workers. We also handle I-9 compliance and ICE audits and investigations.

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Itzkowitz Law recognizes the importance of paying attention to every aspect of the employer-employee relationship in the hospitality industry.

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