If you operate any kind of bar, restaurant, or nightclub, you already know that crafting the right atmosphere is crucial to building customer loyalty.

Today’s customers expect more than just a hot meal or cold beer, they demand an experience. The right music enhances a bar or restaurant’s atmosphere. According to a recent study by HUI Research, it has been proven to increase sales. It’s no secret we all love a good atmosphere with a catchy tune.

One of the most common questions hospitality operators ask is “how can I play music in my establishment legally?”

The answer is not so simple. In the music industry, most songwriters or publisher join Performance Rights Organizations (PRO’s) such as BMI and ASCAP who control licensing when offices, stores, restaurants, bars or other businesses play music for the general public.

These PRO’s regularly contact thousands of restaurants, bars and nightclubs a day to discuss licensing in hopes that they can get you to buy their license.

Should you need assistance in determining if your establishment requires a music license, please contact us for a free consultation to determine if a music license is necessary for you.

Lawsuits for copyright violations can cripple a company. Further, it is possible that the PRO’s can sue the owner of the company in their individual capacity, and not just the company itself. Therefore, it is very important that you reach out to us to get ahead of the licensing issue before the PRO’s file a lawsuit.

In the event that you have been sued for music performance violations, please contact us to discuss what potential defenses and recourse may be available to you.

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